New Ultima-Inspired Project: Dungeons of Chaos

A brand-new, 2D, retro-styled RPG for the iPad, Dungeons of Chaos (by Volker Elzner) seems to be garnering a number of positive reviews from iOS-focused gaming websites. The developer cites Ultima 3, 4, and 5 among his inspirations in his chronicle of the game’s development, and the gameplay instructions suggest a game of significant depth, which pays homage to the best features and systems of the RPGs of yesteryear.

Dungeons of Chaos sees the player controlling a party (of up to six characters, I gather), navigating them through a tiled, top-down world, on the first leg of a quest to overcome an ancient evil that has driven the characters’ people from their ancestral homeland. Dungeons of Chaos is being released in chapters; the first is available now, and the second is being worked on. Combat is turn-based, and exploration is evidently rewarded.

Not unlike Lowlander, the price for Dungeons of Chaos is $1.99 USD. However, Dungeons of Chaos is iPad-exclusive; there is not an iPhone version available. A free version of the game is, however available; players have access to most of the game’s features, but cannot level up.

Project entry? Project entry.