Check Out Denis Loubet’s Steampunk Concept Art for an Early Version of Shroud of the Avatar


Denis Loubet, whose artwork is all but synonymous with Ultima, posted some sample of concept art he had put together for an early version of Shroud of the Avatar over on that game’s official forums. The images represent a very different take on Shroud of the Avatar’s design; there is a much more significant steampunk influence — and somewhat more modern technology — on display, notably.


Here’s the first in a series of early character concept pieces I did for Shroud of the Avatar. This was posted to my patrons a week ago, so I you want to see these early, visit and consider becoming a patron

As you can see, the early concept of SotA had a heavy steampunk influence. Lots of leather and brass, lots of straps and pockets. I think it would have made for a distinctive game. Would you have played this character?



Early Shroud of the Avatar farmer concept art. I started with research on actual Victorian farmer fashion, and went from there. I was going for a slightly more “innocent” look, harkening to fantasy of the previous century. It’s the kind of innocence that gave us the look of the characters in The Wizard of Oz.


Early Shroud of the Avatar female farmer concept art. I started with research on actual Victorian farmer fashion, and went from there. Not quite as much obvious steampunk in this one, as I was just throwing all kinds of stuff at the wall to see what might stick.


This early concept is big on the steampunk accoutrements. I got stuck on “electro-” for all his stuff. (I was on deadline…) I like the paper-tape output and Victrola-horn for his electro-stethoscope, and the electrically charged adrenaline in his electro-syringe.

This guy is definitely more austere, and with a more modern sensibility than some of the other’s you’ll see, but that goes along with the imperialist attitude of the steampunk genres.


Another Farmer concept piece from Shroud of the Avatar. I like this guy. He has the right level of casual and fantasy.

I find it fascinating that Victorian farmers wore vests, and those little caps without a huge brim, and shoes instead of boots if the photos are to be believed.


Early Shroud of the Avatar concept for female farmer. Trying to make it feminine, and at the same time practical, and at the same time sexy. These were the concept requests I was trying to address. Oh, and medieval and steampunk!


Early Shroud of the Avatar concept art for female shopkeeper. Here’s where it gets weird. Sexy, Medieval, Victorian, Steampunk, Runway fashions seemed to be the request. Voila!

As Denis himself notes, you can get an advance look at any future content of this nature that he posts by backing him on Patreon. Who knows? He may yet reveal still more images that showcase the various design changes Shroud of the Avatar has undergone since the days when it was billed as the Ultimate RPG…and slated to be a Facebook game.

5 Responses

  1. Denis Loubet Denis Loubet says:

    Nice reveal! There is lots more upcoming! 🙂

  2. Sergorn says:

    While I don’t have much issue per se about SotA’s art direction as it is now… seeing this stuff kind make me wish they’d gone for this instead, this was much more original rather than just doing Ultima 2.0.

    • avataracid avataracid says:

      I will echo this thought, I would have been happy even if we made it half way to Denis’ concepts in terms of style and evolution!

    • Denis Loubet Denis Loubet says:

      There’s something to be said for that. It would have stood out as an unashamedly steampunk-styled mmog. Of course, there’s nothing stopping the game from going there in the future. 😉