As Of This Morning, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Is Available on GOG


So, this morning, GOG added a few more Lucasarts games to their catalogue, including Obsidian Entertainment’s excellent Knights of the Old Republic 2.

And it’s even on sale (well, $2 off) to celebrate its release. This game is long overdue in coming to GOG, and is well worth playing if you’re at all a fan of RPGs, Star Wars, or both.

Note: Although GOG does sometimes try and bundle in this sort of extra content with their games, I see no indication that The Restored Content Mod is included with KOTOR2. So if you pick the game up, consider also checking out said mod; it restores a bunch of content to the game that was cut during its production in order to make the release deadline.

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  1. cor2879 says:

    This is actually tied with Ultima VII for my favorite game of all time. It’s an absolute classic, particularly with the Restored Content Mod.