The Ultima Forever Forums Are Offline…Basically


It was bound to happen sooner or later, and to be fair I’m not quite sure when it did happen. But all the same, the Ultima Forever forums have been put into permanent maintenance mode. Now, only a perfunctory farewell message greets those who browse there:

U4E ceased live operations on Aug 29, 2014. To all our players and forum participants: we thank you for your patronage, and for your contributions to the game. From the Gypsy, Lady British, and all the other citizens of Ultima Forever’s Britannia: Thank you for your time spent in our world; we’re going to miss you very much!

So that’s that, then. I’ll note, though, that for the time being, Mythic’s website is still up, and still advertises Ultima Forever. I should really grab copies of the media there, if at all possible…