New Gallery: Ultima Forever’s Great Stygian Abyss (And the Isle of the Avatar)


Over the course of Ultima Forever’s development and short release window, Mythic sent the Ultima Codex a number of exclusive art pieces. The four images in this gallery are examples of that; they are four areas (out of, I gather, many, many more) from the Great Stygian Abyss. (The cropped image, above, comprises perhaps a third of one such area.)

Also included in the gallery is a crop of the main world map, which offers a high-resolution look at the Isle of the Avatar as it would have appeared in the game.

Sadly, development on Ultima Forever ceased before Mythic was able to add the ability for players to visit the Isle, so these images are likely all we will ever get to see of Britannia’s greatest — and most feared — dungeon.