Ultima 6 German Translation: Britain Fully Translated; Version 0.17 Released


Sir John has been racing through his project to translate Ultima 6 into German. Not two weeks ago, he had just 16 characters translated, and a few days later that total had been increased to 40. However, he also encountered a stumbling block of sorts:

I have to admit to having underestimated the effort to port the U6P translation to the oriognal game BIG TIME. The intended “simple copy & paste” does not work for various reasons, which leaves me translating everything once more. More precisely: as pasting text has some awkaward side effects and screws up the conversation files every now and then I resorted to transcribing my own translation on a word by word basis.

I will of course carry on and hopefully finish this translation as I did with the Ultima 6 Project one. Just, not as quick as I initially hoped.

Did I report on that already? I honestly can’t recall. Confusingly, a few days later, the reported number of completed conversations was 33 (of 201 total), with nearly all of Britain complete. Terri’s conversation was the outstanding one there, and the reason for the delay was that Sir John was making a few corrections to her conversation tree. (In particular, he opted to clean up the confusion surrounding her mother having met the Avatar.)

The current version of the translation patch is now up to 0.17; it can be downloaded from here at Sir John’s site, or from the project entry here at the Codex.