Britannia & Serpent Isle Maps for Dwarf Fortress

Some of you may recall mikefictiti0us from his short-lived attempt to re-create Ultima 6 using Exult (which is not to be confused with The Ultima 6 Remake).

Well, his plans for a re-telling of The False Prophet using Ultima 7’s graphics may have been put aside, but he has gone and created a wonderful pair of maps — of Britannia (circa Ultima 7) and the Serpent Isle — for Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress, if you haven’t heard of it, is a part-roguelike, part-city-building game that typically features procedurally-generated worlds created on Code page 437 graphics. However, as evidenced by this project, it also supports the import of custom maps. It’s is a donationware product, and can be obtained for free from Bay 12 Games.

Naturally, I have created project entries for both maps; the Britannia map is here on the Ultima 7 subdomain, and the Serpent Isle map is here on the Serpent Isle subdomain…which I see I need to migrate to the new template, still. Sheesh.

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