Pagan in Minecraft: Still Progressing, Houses Being Added


Koden-KM is still hard at work on his Minecraft-based re-creation of the world of Pagan, the setting of Ultima 8. What’s more, he recently stopped by that project’s entry here and left a comment to give more details on what he has been focusing on in his efforts of late:

Just a quick update. The project is still moving along, 1-2 nights a week. There are some more screenshots available now showing houses as they are built.

I’ve also put up an overview screenshot from a MCMap Live map viewer to show the current progress. You can see it here:

I noticed some of the other Ultima remakes in Minecraft are using World Painter, i didn’t know about that until now. I’ll have to check that out.

All the current building has been done in Creative mode with some help from MCEdit app to do large fills and copy/paste sections like walls and roads.

The current build is just the static world. After the world is built I will go back and add the items that can be picked up and used, as well as NPC’s.

Not everything fits together good the first time and things need to be shifted and stretched. Eg. the entry way from the Docks to central Tenebrae will have a filler area. Most likely just a continuation of garden/forest similar to the Docks area.

I will release map downloads when each milestone area is built. The first one will be released when the Docks and the city of Tenebrae are finished.

You can of course follow Koden-KM’s progress on Pagan in Minecraft (or Pagan-MC) at its GitHub page.