The Ultima 6 Project: German Translation of Cluebook Now Available


Tribun Dragon was…quite ecstatic in an email he sent me recently:

I bring good news. The Ultima 6 Project Clebook is now completely translated to German. Besides the actual translation work, I also added some more illustrations (this was mostly done to compensate for the fact that German is about 20% longer than English while conveying the same content), put in a little more Text and added a section dealing with the limitations of the various classes.

On the translation front, SirJohn is now busy with the last big step. After all other graphics got translated, the last thing to do is to translate the “grunts”, meaning the things that do pop up over peoples heads outside of conversations. He right now is also busy with RL issues, but is confident, that it now won’t be long, before U6P is completely German.

You can grab the German-language cluebook from — where else? — the Ultima 6 Project project entry.