The Dark Unknown: Player Reference Guide


A few days ago, Goldenflame Dragon posted an announcement in the Ultima Dragons Facebook group, and unfortunately I’ve been too swamped to deal with it until now:

…I wound up not feeling like I was up to much coding this weekend, so I decided to start in on feelies for Dark Unknown. I’ve done most of a first draft of the Player Reference Guide, minus art. If anyone is curious, it’s here:

I should probably make a nicer page for it, something with next and back arrows, but that can wait.

Happy to take suggestions. I will probably restructure some of the presentation of the information down the road- some things I literally wrote as I thought of.

You can find the manual for download as a series of GIF images at The Dark Unknown website’s media page, or in PDF format here at the project entry.

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Nice work Goldenflame. What resolution is the game using? Some of the screencaps look like the same resolution Sorcerian used (640×400 stretched, I think). I remember that resolution on my Amstrad using Deluxe Paint II. The advantage of the “tall” pixels was being able to horizontally color blend on the old CRT’s to, at least visually, obtain more than 16 colors. MCGA nuked it from orbit, but I still remember the high-res mode fondly.