Forgotten World: History of the Revocanda Released

Iceblade offered up some congratulatory thoughts for the Titans of Ether after their victory in the Fan Project of the Year poll:

The high number of votes in this past year’s poll is astounding and encouraging. Congratulations to Ultima IX: Redemption on the fan project win for this past year. Even though your project is facing certain hurdles, we at Forgotten World have faith that U9R will reach a satisfying release and we eagerly await to play it when it does.

For those who voted for Beautiful Britannia, FirstKnight and the rest of team thank you for your support, and we hope to return on that support with an amazing year for Forgotten World and Beautiful Britannia.

And to cap off the message, he also had this to say:

And finally, we would like to thank the Ultima fandom for your continued faith and support in us and the other fan projects. As a token of our appreciation, we are making available one of more major books that we are writing for Forgotten World. You can find the book on the downloads page.

A toast for a wonderful year to come for Forgotten World, Redemption, and the many other projects.

That book, The History of the Revocanda, is the text from which Iceblade has recently been teasing excerpts.

It’s a fascinating read, one I highly recommend. Written by the lovely and talented Blu3vib3, it tells the story of the struggles of the mages of Britannia to restore the moongates to working order after the events of Ultima 7.

You can grab a copy of the book (PDF format) from either the Forgotten World project entry here or via the Downloads page at the Forgotten World website.