The Ultima 1 Board Game: Rule Book Complete

Joseph Propati dropped by the project entry for his board game adaptation of Ultima 1 to let us all know that he has completed the game’s rule book, and is eagerly awaiting feedback from Ultima fans:

I’ve uploaded the entire Ultima 1: The Board Game Rule Book!
I’ve managed to create a PDF of the rules with text, images, and examples!
Its BIG!
and Its finally here!
Please read through the rules and give me your feedback. I want to make this the best game I can and to do that I need your help to find any mistakes or errors I might have missed! Cough, cough!
So read through the rules, play the game and let me know what you think!

And unless I am mistaken, the completion of the rule book means that — minor revisions excepted — the game is essentially complete. Certainly, Joseph’s own words seem to imply this:

I truly hope you enjoy the game as much as I did in creating it!
It is my way of showing just how much I respect and honor Richard Garriott and the true creative genius he showed in creating the original Ultima 1: The Computer Game!

At any rate, to obtain the game materials at present, you need to hit up the project homepage at BoardGameGeek. I’m going to speak to Joseph about the possibility of hosting an archive of the game materials here at the Ultima Codex as well.

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  1. Lucifuge Dragon says:

    Ultima solitaire…I like it! I would love to get a closer look at this. *thumbs up*