Bethesda Thursdays

The Fallout Series
I don’t know if I mentioned this previously, but Eurogamer exalted Fallout 3 as a “Game of the Generation” at the end of October.

And of course there have been more Fallout 4 rumours recently. Because Internet, I suppose.

The The Elder Scrolls Series

Bethesda Softworks have posted another interview with a star of the Morrowind modding community.

And of course someome made a Skyrim skin for Minecraft.

Arkane Studios

It would seem that Arkane Studios have begun working with CryEngine, switching away from the Unreal Engine that powered Dishonored.

Not that I have the first clue what this all means. It could well mean that Dishonored 2 will be build using CryEngine, but it could also have something to do with Prey 2 for all I know.

The Elder Scrolls Online

There’s a new Q&A article up on the game’s development blog, in which a number of questions about the recent character creation video are fielded.


The open source Morrowind engine project has had a couple of productive weeks, as per usual. It’s a pity that the engine is seeing such significant progress made now, a little too late to save the Redemption project.