Shroud of the Avatar: Combat Sigil Revealed

Included in the most recent Update of the Avatar from Portalarium is a look at the Combat Sigil. Like the Magic Sigil before it, the Combat Sigil details the different schools that will factor into Shroud of the Avatar’s combat system:

Followers of the martial path use this mighty combat sigil as their symbol. The sigil shows the eight schools of combat that a warrior can follow. There are four armor schools: Light Armor (Cloth & Leather), Medium Armor (Chain & Scale), Heavy Armor (Plate), and Shields. There are four weapon schools: Blades (Swords & Axes), Polearms (Halberds & Spears), Bludgeons (Hammers & Clubs), and Ranged (Bows & Crossbows).

And here’s the Combat Sigil as it appears in-game:


You can find some Stephen Daniele-rendered conceptions of the Combat Sigil at the Ultima Codex’s brand new Shroud of the Avatar combat reference page, or in the most recent Update of the Avatar. Contra the Magic Sigil, there is (seemingly) no ninth school of combat that unifies or bridges between the eight that appear on the curvature of the Combat Sigil. And outside of what each of the combat schools entails, we know nothing more about how combat in Shroud of the Avatar will work.

But hey…it looks darn cool.

4 Responses

  1. Micro Magic says:

    A bit of an off topic question, but the SotA team dropped support for mobile devices right? I can’t imagine playing this game on a phone, nor would I want to.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      Yeah, Shroud of the Avatar has been PC-centric since its announcement under that title. When we spoke, Garriott didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a mobile port (and certainly the Unity engine is friendly to the possibility), but it’s definitely not the focus of development at present.

  2. Since the gauntlet occupies the spot of the Chaos symbol in the Magic Sigil, I was thinking it was to represent the unarmed/unarmorered state. This could be natural toughness, unarmed combat and brawling.