New Shroud of the Avatar Fan Project: LEGO Hearth of Britannia

Joseph Drasin, feeling inspired by Rustic Dragon’s Hearth of Britannia concept and the many Dragonsmeets that have been held in its name, decided to put his considerable skills with LEGO to work, and fashioned his interpretation of the Hearth out of same.

It’s a wonderfully detailed rendering of a medieval pub. And even more excitingly, it is being considered for addition into Shroud of the Avatar proper! So check it out at either its project entry here or its page at MOCpages.

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Was fortunate enough to see Joseph showing this off at a recent Dragonsmeet and was impressed beyond expression. Beautiful design and amazing attention to detail. I have a toy chest filled my old Lego collection and damned if he didn’t make me want to break it out and try to create an old Ultima map. Even LB mentioned it on Twitter.

    A 32×32 unit Lego recreation of an old (IV or V) Ultima map wouldn’t be too difficult if each Ultima map tile was represented with a different color Lego brick (1:1 scale). There would be no tile detail (just color), but it would be instantly recognizable. Surfaces could also receive smooth “caps” (don’t know what they’re called) for effect.