Ultima 9 Box Art Source Images

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of this website and its predecessor, Ultima Aiera, we’ve added a new collection to the Origin Gallery: high-resolution images of most of the Ultima 9 box art, taken directly from the source files.

Whatever one might think of Ultima 9 as a game, it certainly cannot be contested that the box art for the last published entry in the Ultima series was both intricate and gorgeous. There’s a quite high-resolution scan of the front panel of the box here at the Codex, but here is a collection of high-resolution images of the entirety of the game box, and even some of its inserts.

As you might expect, these images come from the deep trove of treasure known as the Mythic Archives; they were found on a CD image containing the original EPS file for each image. Which, naturally, have been made available as well.

At any rate, enjoy!