Random Wednesdays

So since I evidently missed doing a round-up post last week, I’m going to break out the bulleted lists one more time. Because damn, I had a lot of stuff queued up. Let’s start with Might & Magic X:

EverQuest Next also continues to look amazing…and intriguing:

And 38 Studios’ legal troubles are, of course, still nowhere near over:

Now, what’s happening in the world of BioShock? Well, there’s the upcoming Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite…and a bit more beyond that:

And Eidos Montreal has been keeping busy, as well:

As neat as its Foundry feature might be for the creation of custom content, I’m thinking that after this week, I won’t pay attention to Neverwinter anymore…not, at least, for the purposes of these updates.

And under the “ephemera” label:

Okay, that’s it. Starting tomorrow, the normal format should see its return as the normal format for these round-up posts. I hope. At least, I don’t think I’ve missed anything else.