“New” Ultima Fan Project: Lawless Legends

Lawless Legends is something of an oddity. Although it is intended as a fantasy RPG, it is set in California circa 1856, in the aftermath of the gold rush. The region in which the game is set, which is centered on Fort Miller, is slowly being overrun with bandits and worse, and rumours of unnatural creatures hiding just beyond the nearby mountain ridges are adding to troubles.

Evidently in development since the 1980s, its tools have become significantly more modernized in recent years, which has aided progress on it considerably. Lawless Legends takes considerable inspiration from the Ultima series, both in terms of its use of a mixture of top-down tiled graphics and first-person 3D rendered viewpoints, and in its choice of launch platform: the game is being coded (at present) for Apple IIs and Commodore 64s.

Naturally, there’s a project entry for it now.

3 Responses

  1. Infinitron says:

    Where does it say the game has been in development since the 80s?

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      Check the screenshots on the Facebook page. They mention the 80s on a couple, in a context that implies development.

      • Infinitron says:

        I’ve read about it, and I’m pretty sure this is an intentionally retro game. Development started earlier this year.