Shroud of the Avatar: First Developer Asset Kit Released (Dungeons)

The Shroud of the Avatar Facebook page has some good news for those of you who have pledged at least $450 to Shroud of the Avatar:

Exciting News for Dev+ backers! Our first Downloadable Asset Kit is up and ready for you to download! Log into the Dev+ Forums for more information and to get your Dungeon Kit Assets today! *Note* ~ The Dungeon Kit and Dev+ Forums are available only to backers who pledged at Developer level and above.

To get access to the kit, head to this section of the Shroud of the Avatar forums (only available to Developer-level backers and above); you’ll have to fill out a survey to get access to the asset kit. At this time, the asset kit is not available via the Unity Asset Store. Portalarium technical director Chris Spears also put together a handy tutorial video showing how to use the assets in Unity:

As well, Portalarium are actively looking to crowd-source dungeons for Shroud of the Avatar, and have published a set of guidlines for prospective builders to follow:

We’re looking for prospective dungeoneers to help create some of the dungeons within Shroud of the Avatar…We’d like each submission to include a short document walking us through the dungeon you created, the modified scene containing your dungeon layout using the provided dungeon kit, and any other extra assets you may have used or created for your dungeon.

Each dungeon scene is a mini-story that should take about 5-30 minutes to complete. Think of these as an encapsulated adventure taking place within the world of Shroud of the Avatar. These will likely contain a little story of their own.

A link to where you can submit completed dungeons is also provided in the forum post linked above.

Now, I don’t know how many of you pledged at the Developer level (or above)…but if you go the route of building a dungeon for Shroud of the Avatar, and if it ends up in the final game, please do make sure you let us know which dungeon is yours! You know…when the game is released…next year…or so.

3 Responses

  1. cor2879 says:

    I’m a developer level backer (actually a little higher). Not sure if I have the kind of time it would take to actually design a dungeon, but I’ll definitely take a look at it.

    • T. J. Brumfield says:

      I only pledged at Virtual Collector level, so I don’t have access to the tools. But I’d like to see a truly atmospheric dungeon. We’ve all seen cobwebs and skeletons. They’re cliche and not very scary. I’d not sure if you have more than a tileset to work with (access to scripting, custom sounds, dialogue, quests), but what about a haunted dungeon with minimal monsters that focuses on tension rather than grinding?

      Something like this: