New Project: Ultima 3 – A New Exodus

Feeling that the class system in Ultima 3 was implemented as little more than a broken afterthought, Jeff Ludwig took it upon himself to painstakingly rebalance — and provide better distinctions between — the eleven playable classes and five playable races presented to users by the third Ultima game.

A New Exodus also makes several other modifications to the game. The mod is for the Nintendo Entertainment System release of Ultima 3, and requires an original ROM to work. You can download it from the good Mr. Ludwig’s website, or from the newly-created project entry here.

2 Responses

  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Awesome. That was my first Ultima experience. Good music, too.

  2. cor2879 says:

    Ultima: Exodus on the NES was also my introduction to Ultima, and it was a good one. Compared to other RPGs on the NES, it was dark, introspective, and difficult (without use of notorious game exploits)! Even though I ultimately have fonder memories of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar on the NES, I still remember this one quite well. I’ll be giving this mod a try.