Blocks of the Avatar: Shroud of the Avatar in Minecraft

Holt Ironfell and the Bards of Poets’ Circle have been busy lately, and have crafted — as can be seen on this impressive dynamic map of the world — their interpretation of New Britannia (or, at least, as much of it as we have seen to date) in Minecraft.

Moreover, the Minecraft server that hosts this fine undertaking is opening its doors to the world tonight!

Holt Ironfell and the Bards of Poets’ Circle Present:

‘Blocks of the Avatar’

A Shroud of the Avatar Minecraft Adventure.

The world has suffered a massive catastrophe. It is up to you and your friends to rebuild New Britannia on our Custom Minecraft Map!

The day many of you have been waiting for has arrived. The SotA Minecraft Server opens its doors tonight, to those who have signed up with their SotA Forum name and Minecraft Username.

At 8PM PST, today, Friday July 5th, usernames will be added to the whitelist, our server will reboot, and you can begin your adventure from a lowly peasant to ruler of nations.

See the Community Spotlight here:

If you are not yet whitelisted, you must follow the instructions here:

* You may also leave your Minecraft username on that thread, instead of emailing it.


Connect to the server after 8PM PST at:

See the dynamic map at

Download the required textures at and put that zip file in your texturepack folder.

To see all our custom textures and the unique sky with beautiful sunsets and shooting stars, patch minecraft with MCpatcher, found here:

We are currently running as 1.5.2, but expect a transition to 1.6 as soon as our plugins are updated by their respective authors.

On behalf of myself, Grimkor, AvatarAcid and the Bards of Poets’ Circle, we look forward to playing with you!

Yours truly,

Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell

Interesting to see AvatarAcid has worked on this; some of you may recall his fanon re-creation of Stonegate and his absolutely stunning re-creation of Britannia in Minecraft. And based on these screenshots, we can expect the same from Blocks of the Avatar:

Now, my question is: can I hit this server from Minecraft: Pocket Edition?