Another Ultima Board Game (And a Card Game Too!)

In the discussion on the Ultima Dragons Facebook group concerning Lucifuge Dragon’s board game adaptation of Ultima 7, it was mentioned by someone that BoardGameGeek was hosting a couple of other Ultima-themed games. So, over the weekend, I added two new project entries to the site: this Ultima Online-inspired card game, and this board game adaptation of Ultima 1.

The card game seems to be out of development, but the Ultima 1 adaptation is still very much in the works (as it turns out). Joseph Propati, its developer, even dropped by to update us on the status of the project:

Yes, I plan on having the Food cost included in the board game! Actually I plan on having as many game elements that are in the Computer game transferred over to the board game. There will be some elements that may not be present such as the arcade feature of space alien fighting or space docking but if I can figure out a way OR hopefully get help from the gaming community to turn this computer feature into a board game feature, I’ll use it!! I will also be uploading an excel sheet that will be used for save game purpose and will allow the player to keep track of all save games features such as; items, stats, enemy locations, player map location, everything!!!
I want to make this game as close as possible to the computer Ultima 1.

Stay tune at and here because I’m getting really close to posting the entire game, ready to play!

Well, then! Stay tuned, we shall!

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  1. Quick update:

    As of 7/12/2013 I have completed 99% of all the gaming components, which I have uploaded to the upload file section! The only remaining game components left, which I will complete by this weekend, are the final battle map with Mondain and his Non-Player Reference card!

    Once these are completed I will put all focus on the rule book, which is going to be huge by the way! The rule book will have all the original manual text included plus new descriptions and text, a large number of images and examples for easy reference, and a full breakdown of the entire game. I’m going to take the player step-by-step throughout the entire game mechanics and hopefully in the process I will have recreated the magic and excitement that is Ultima 1, but in a PnP Board Game format