Random Wednesdays

Some of you may recall the rather epic Deus Ex-themed April Fools’ gag, the 8-bit parody game entitled Human Defiance. Well, they’ve gone and done it again…sort of. I’m not actually sure they set out to troll gamers, specifically, but they pulled it off anyway (to my great amusement).

Some rumours emerged last week that something called Deus Ex: The Fall would be announced at, or just prior to, E3. There was even a short little promo spot released for it a couple days ago.

Today, The Fall was revealed. And rather than being the much-anticipated (or should I say “hoped for”) AAA desktop/console-based sequel to Human Revolutionit turns out to be a mobile game, for iOS tablets and phones. And it’s due this summer, apparently, for a moderately steep $7.

To be fair, as evidenced by its announcement trailer, it actually does look pretty awesome. But the dashed hopes of gamers are evident in the fact that said trailer has (at the time of this writing) 508 “Likes”…and 6,811 “Dislikes”.

It is to HAR!

Oh, and speaking of Deus Ex in general…there’s a new mod out, a total conversion for Deus Ex, that tells a made-from-scratch story in an alternate continuity of said series’ universe.

Okay, let’s talk Deathfire for a minute. Guido Henkel is looking to put together a focus group to get some direct feedback about the game in its present state. There’s a form at his site, so hit up the link and fill it out if you’re interested.

Path of Exile‘s latest update has introduced a pair of “experimental leagues” to the game, one of which is a bit more grind-focused, and the other of which is for those players who need something harder than the already-present Hardcore league.

The sad story of 38 Studios continues: a Rhode Island House panel is launching an inquiry into the company and its debt. This in addition to the ongoing lawsuit, mind you.

If you’ve been playing Neverwinter at all, there’s apparently a huge update incoming, which should address a number of issues with the game. “Kitchen sink”, I gather, is the appropriate term to use here.

There isn’t a lot of actual BioShock Infinite-related news this week, but a few interesting “inspired by” and fan projects have cropped up. Like, for example, these alarming Pokemon/Infinite crossover posters, this awesome LEGO rendition of Columbia, and this amusing fan video that examines the real-life dangers plasmids would pose.

Also, the game probably looks amazing on the Oculus Rift. Apparently. Probably.