Ultima Maps Go Old-school with LRUMP (Updated!)

Slashing Dragon has been posting to the Ultima Dragons Facebook Page with his interpretation of Ultima maps in new, Ultima IV-style, low-resolution glory!

The Low Resolution Ultima Maps Project (LRUMP) now has its own Facebook page and Web site, and currently features tile-based maps of Ascension-era Britannia (Ultima IX), two versions of Morgaelin Island (Ultima VIII), and the Valley of Eodon (WoU:SE).

The project is both a tribute to the nostalgic days of Ultima IV and V, with their wonderous tile-based worlds, and a nod to Xe Dragon’s HRUMP: High Resolution Ultima Map Project, where beautiful scans of the cloth maps included in the various Ultima games can be located.

Check out his efforts, and feel free to discuss below!

The First Age of Update: A project entry appears!

2 Responses

  1. WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jayson…it was on my list for today.

    I will set up a project entry for it later this afternoon.

  2. No problem. It was too cool of a project not to have a story on. I know how busy you are. 🙂