Ultima IX Redemption: Britain Screenshots

The Titans of Ether have released a number of new screenshots showcasing the city of Britain as they have implemented it in the Morrowind engine. Frankly, it’s a gorgeous city:

The last image above is an overhead shot showcasing the entirety of the city and some of the surrounding farmland. The sheer number of houses in Britain is rather mind-boggling; it is easy to understand now just why the capital city of Britannia has so many NPCs! Of course, as Corv explains, Britain isn’t quite finished yet:

Britain still needs worldbuilding work. Hyena is working on the interiors but we also need to add more around the castle and between houses (trees, bushes, grass,… just the little things) I hope you enjoy what you see.

At any rate, you can view these screenshots, as well as a batch of screenshots of the central building in Vesper that the Titans released on imgur a while back, at the Ultima IX: Redemption project entry.

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  1. Micro Magc says:

    Wow, the birds eye view really brings it together. It looks great! I bet I could take a wooden plank and cross that moat though. I’m not wading knee deep in that dirty moat water.