Ultima IX and Ultima Underworld Demos Added to Codex

Two new files have been uploaded to The Ultima Codex today.

The first is the Ultima Underworld demo that was released back in 1992, which covers the entire first level of the Abyss.  This demo was used by Origin Systems to demonstrate their new 3D technology, something almost entirely foreign to PC gamers back in the early 90s.  Copies were available from computer stores and select copies of Ultima VII.  It works beautifully in Dosbox.

Grab it at the Ultima Underworld subdomain!

The second is the 450mb Ultima IX demo that was released by Computer Gaming World shortly before Ultima IX‘s main release in 1999.  It includes the hero’s adventures on Earth and Dungeon Despise. The CD image can be loaded using Daemon Tools Lite, and installs on modern operating systems.  The demo is difficult to run due to Windows 98 compatibility issues.

Grab it at the Ultima 9 subdomain!