The Dark Unknown: New Screenshots!

Goldenflame Dragon has posted another update on the development progress of The Dark Unknown to the Ultima Dragons Facebook group:

Getting back into working on DU: current project is making swamps cause disease, which requires all the infrastructure of DoTs and spell effects attached to players and all that, which is getting that.

However, then I decided that it’s a shame that there’s still only one really old screenshot on my Media page on the DU site, so I’ve taken a bunch more and uploaded them.
The page in question:

Got 13 screenshots up now- the world map, stats screen, spellbook, combat, loot, light sources, a dungeon, and a town.

So, if you’re curious to see what other aspects of this web-based, tile-based RPG looks like, click on through and check out the new screenshots. The spellbook implementation, in particular, is quite good.