Shroud of the Avatar: April 30th Dev Hangout Notes

The April 30th Google+ hangout with the Shroud of the Avatar development team featured Richard Garriott and Tracy Hickman discussing elements of the backstory of Shroud of the Avatar.

Click here to read the Ultima Codex’s summary and notes about the hangout. We hope to be able to cover all future hangouts in this manner!

Richard Garriott and Tracy Hickman have spent about a month so far working together, and that process seems to be going very well. There has ots of learning back and forth between the two men, which has tended to be a great sharing experience that has left Portalarium with a fantastic foundation upon which to craft the story of Shroud of the Avatar.

Hickman is looking forward to breaking some new ground in storytelling, to break out of the “lead by the nose” paradigm.

And yes, Richard Garriott singled out Rustic Dragon’s Hearth of Britannia in particular, praising the etched runic in the box, and the note for him that Rustic Dragon wrote in runic…brilliant, he praises it. He likewise has complete faith that as more backstory gets exposed, Developer-level contributors will be able to help a lot.

And yes: Hearth of Britannia will be in Shroud of the Avatar, in a big way; it will have a “deep role” in the game.