New Project: Rustic Dragon’s “Hearth of Britannia”

There was an amusing little exchange that played out on Twitter over the weekend, beginning with this tweet from Rustic Dragon:

The following day, Richard Garriott tweeted thusly:

Rustic, naturally, was quite happy with this:

And added this, as well:

So, what is Hearth of Britannia? Well, in absence of a concise description from Rustic Dragon himself, here’s the explanation of the project he offered during his celebration party marking the success of the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter campaign:

Of course, you could also just check out the project website and infer its intent; Rustic Dragon clearly means to create an archive of recipes reflecting the regional cuisines and tastes of Britannia…or, at least, his interpretation thereof. And some of the initial experiments look very tasty indeed! I’ve also set up a project entry for it here, which I will hopefully be able to update with a formal description of the project in the near future!