New Gallery: Ultima 7 Preview in Computer Gaming World

Courtesy of Brent “Terrormaster” Stewart, the Ultima Codex is pleased to host a scanned copy of the Ultima 7 preview that was featured in the October 1991 issue of Computer Gaming World.

He initially posted it to Google+ with the following explanation:

I had promised +Kenneth Kully this scan almost a year ago. I had spent two days tearing through boxes to find it to no avail at the time. I got sidetracked for a bit with other stuff before this completely fell off my radar. Then today when looking for something COMPLETELY unrelated I stumbled across it.

It’s the October 1991 issue of Computer Gaming World that had the preview of Ultima 7 – the one with the black cover and the huge Guardian head. It also came with a fold-out double sided poster. I have the map/poster as well still but it’s quite large and scanning it has presented a bit of a challenge. But here’s the cover, the table of contents, and the article itself. The cover was not in great shape but the inner pages were near pristine. So here ya go my fellow Dragons and Dragonettes, enjoy.

Hopefully he can figure out a way to get the posted scanned in, so we can enjoy that as well. For now, though, hit up the article’s entry at The Origin Gallery and give it a read!