Updated: Ultima 1-5 Savegame Editor

Thanks to a big assist from HiPhish, Xenerkes Dragon’s editor for Ultima 1-5 savegames has been updated in two key ways:

  1. A DLL file, necessary for the utility to run, was added to the original download, and
  2. A Wineskin-wrapped version of the utility is now available for OS X users

You can grab either download from any of the places on the Ultima Codex where the project entry appears (it’s on a few subdomains, as it applies to multiple games). HiPhish has included usage and installation instructions with the Wineskin-based download, which evidently works with a handful of different DOSBox solutions (including Boxer).

And yes, the utility works with the GOG versions of each game.

4 Responses

  1. natregdragon says:

    Err… Is not a command line editor as far as I know…

    btw, if Xenerkes is reading this, it’s been a while, nice to see you stilld working on your programs. Btw, a little add on to the savegame could be the random number. There is a Random number in the savegame (you can create to exactly identical characters and the savegames would differ just in the random number). This random number is the one that creates the dungeons (like the lucky number in Akalabeth).

  2. HiPhish says:

    Xenerkes had nothing to do with this update, I wanted to get the savegame editor to run on my Mac with Wine and that’s how I found out about the DLL. That said, I don’t know if it is needed on Windows as well, I only tried out Wine.