The Titans of Ether Wonder What Lord British is Presenting

The Titans of Ether, as is made clear in a brief update to their website, are excited about whatever it is that Lord British will be presenting tomorrow:

This is not directly related to Redemption, but it so huge it has to be in our news Lord British teases us with a puzzle piece:


…and a webpage: It looks a lot like Ultima. Unless he got the license from EA it won’t be called Ultima, but it sure will be more Ultima than anything EA does without him.

I would not be surprised if he will finance it with Kickstarter just like his buddy Chris Roberts did with the new Wing Commander game, Star Citizen. Chris Roberts wrote during his Kickstarter campaign, that he told Garriott to use Kickstarter if he wants to create a new Ultima.

Ok I am jumping to conclusions here, but one can hope right? On Friday we will know more!

We shall indeed!

3 Responses

  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    I’m hoping for a Kickstarter campaign for one reason: I want to see Richard’s pitch on video. I want to look into his eyes as he begs for money. Kidding of course. 🙂

    It would surprise me if that were the case however, as historically he’s been a big fan of the traditional way of doing things. VC, selling the company, etc. For him to connect that intimately with the fans (as he did when posting here, which absolutely blew my mind) would be a real turning point in his MO, and one I feel is long overdue. Having the humility and courage to place your destiny in the hands of someone else without knowing the end game takes real guts. Been there myself with results I’m sure Garriott will not be rewarded with (and deservedly so on his part).

    Richard if you’re listening (not that you need me to tell you this), be careful just how much you listen to fans. There’s a reason we’re just fans and not you: you are the man. Listen and comprehend, but never forget you’re the gatekeeper of good ideas. All fans need a firewall of sorts, and no game is perfect. Clarity of vision and brilliant execution are paramount.

  2. Steve says:

    This is 95% the “Ultimate RPG” that he’s been talking about. Why would he need kickstarter? He won $30 million from NC Soft in a lawsuit. I guess if he doesn’t want to fund the project by himself he could do it but he doesn’t need to.

    • Sergorn says:

      You could make the same argument about Brian Fargo and Chris Roberts you know, that didn’t stop people from giving money to their KS.