Lord British Presents…Another Puzzle Piece…and Excitement

With less than a day remaining on his countdown timer before the big announcement, a new puzzle piece has emerged on Facebook for Lord British’s Ultimate RPG.
This fourth puzzle piece displays two towns separated by water. The following message accompanied the image:

Less then 24 hours left! The journey is almost complete with only one more bridge to cross. Be sure to join us tomorrow at www.lordbritishpresents.com to complete your quest!

Due to the cropping above, you can see the full version of the image on the first post about the map puzzle.

We are still working on putting the puzzle together, so expect to see a gallery of puzzle pieces soon!

The forthcoming announcement of the Ultimate RPG has generated quite a bit of interest on Facebook, Google+ and beyond. Tomorrow, Richard “Lord British” Garriott de Cayeux will be making a special announcement at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference, during a performance by the Descendants of Erdrick. We can only assume this will be Portalarium‘s Ultimate RPG. This is scheduled from 8:00 to 9:00 PM (I assume this is Central time), while the countdown on his website will expire ten hours earlier (at 10:00 AM).

11 Responses

  1. Here’s a quote from the SXSW site about the Descendants of Erdrick:

    Descendants of Erdrick is a rock band dedicated to re-imagining the soundtracks of classic video games, specializing in covers of the “epic” role-playing/adventure genre of games. The band’s repertoire covers games ranging from The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, to Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. Each instrumental “medley” of songs is aimed at engaging the listener and telling a story, often using sound effects and visuals alongside the music to establish a mood.

    So, how cool would it be to see them perform an Ultima medley before Lord British kicks off his spiritual successor to the series?

    Personally, I would have preferred the Bedlam Bards, but a band named after Dragon Warrior is pretty cool too.

  2. JL Dragon says:

    Anyone else see the resemblance to East & West Montor from Ultima 3?

    • LoneStranger says:

      Sure, I thought that too. I also think it could be Skara Brae and a ferry on the other side of the water. Assuming it is Britannia and not another land.

    • AvatarAcid AvatarAcid says:

      This doesn’t look like Britannia any longer and I would be pressed to relate it to anything in Sosaria, not sure if he could use the name in any case due to the evilness of EA πŸ™‚

  3. AvatarAcid AvatarAcid says:

    This is going to hit me at 3AM in Sydney, Australia. But I am ready πŸ™‚