Lord British Confirms: The Ultimate RPG Will Be on PC

Apparently, the summary text for the Ultimate RPG that graces the products page on the Portalarium website is incorrect:

Ultimate RPG (in development) – Richard Garriott brings back his award winning Ultima-style RPGs to the social media and mobile game space. If you miss the days of a rich, story-driven world, customizable homesteads and a highly interactive environment, then prepare yourself for Lord British’s “New Britannia.”

At least, that’s what I’m pretty sure we can all conclude based on a comment left here on the Ultima Codex by Richard Garriott himself:

Greetings Adventurers!
Fear not! Any “Ultimate RPG” I would be attempting would be first and foremost a PC game (neither console, nor social media). It would be highly story driven as my original trilogy of trilogies. I would hope to also make it such that it can be played multiplayer as well as solo and offline.

– Richard “Lord British” Garriott

Which, in turn, jives with what he posted on his Google+ profile earlier today:

For the record… I have been and remain a PC game developer! I have never been in charge of a game that was not first and foremost a PC game! Sometimes we have ported the games to a variety of other platforms, but the PC remains central to my core sensibilities.

Which, in turn, echoes what he said on Twitter yesterday.

So there it is: whatever Lord British is presenting in another four and a half days (by the Virtues, why must we wait so long?) will be a PC game, with both single-player and multiplayer capability (asynchronous co-op, maybe?). He has ruled out the social and console platforms for the time being (although, as Infinitron Dragon notes at the RPG Codex, mobile hasn’t technically been ruled out as a platform), and…well, based on the comments here and elsewhere, it would see that excitement for this game is running pretty damn high.

And rightly so!

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