You Should All Check QuestLord Out

Although its biggest inspiration is probably the Wizardry series of games — at least, that is what it most seems like to me — QuestLord, by LavaLevel, is an excellent homage to the dungeon crawlers and first-person tiled RPGs of yesteryear. If you played and loved series such as Might & Magic or Wizardry, you’ll feel right at home in QuestLord. However, the game also draws a bit of inspiration from Ultima Underworld as well, most notably in its innovative combat system. And best of all, it’s available for both iOS and Android, for the quite reasonable price of $1.99.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that the game might be fairly easy to mod; it stores its level data in flat text files, which can easily be viewed with any text editor.

Check it out at the newly-set-up project entry over on the Inspired Works subdomain.

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  1. Dominus says:

    Looks interesting… Gonna check it out