EUO: Balancing the Races

In an update to the EUO Facebook page yesterday, EUO’s developers announced that the races in-game had been re-balanced.

* stealth: all races will not leave the shadows when holding the walk key down if stealth skill is 100% – however your stealthed movement speed is exactly the max speed at which you could optimally move by tapping the move keys, not your walking speed

Specific race changes:
* orc: scrapped tactics bonus, scrapped rage->mr, replaced with +10% MR, +15% rage gain
* troll: dual wield slight speed increase : 10% faster
* shadowfolk: scrapped skill bonuses, added 10% str, +3NV. Changed shadowmeld to give 20 sec of regular invisibility (you can walk, med etc)
* skeletuns: fully scrapped fire weakness, but put MR down to 15%
* gnome: walk 15% faster than all other races while stealthed (probably slightly slower than what they were walking at tho, but I felt that was too fast)

Multiclassing also saw some adjustment:

* if you have points in fighter, then you can hide successfully in medium armour (only if you have points in stealth of course)
* the cooldown for mage spells when casting w.o staff is reduced a little, but staff still gives best cooldown
* monk aspects stack again with other classes – ie aspect is not reset when weapon changes nor requires hands equipped when setting

It’s like, I can’t nerf priests any more, and multiclassing actually gives 15* build options so might as well make all the multiclasses reasonably attractive, without making pure classes totally underpowered

* it’s 5+4+3+2+1=15 classes & multiclasses if you consider rogue/mage to be more or less equal to mage/rogue OR it’s 25 total classes if you consider a rogue/mage to be different to a mage/rogue but it can depend on how you build your stats

So, if you’re already an EUO player, you should find these changes in-game the next time you log in. And if you’re not already an EUO player, and if the thought of an MMORPG with a mid-1908s tile-based RPG look and ruleset appeals to you, either hit up the project entry or the game’s download page and to grab the client installer.