Ultima X Odyssey: Character Customization

Courtesy of Ben “Bandit LOAF” Lesnick, Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum, and everyone who took part in the Mythic Archiving Project in 2008, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present this video, the third in a series of videos included on a preview DVD that was assembled for the game, but which may never have been released. This chapter of the DVD highlights the character customization options that the game would have offered to players.

Check it out!

3 Responses

  1. Micro Magic says:

    Looks like they had quite a bit done for this game. Doesn’t look any better or worse than WoW. I just don’t much care for mmos

  2. The music sounds very familiar. Been a few years since I attempted UO again, but I think they may have reused the music assets for this game in UO.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      Or they adapted it for UXO, maybe. I have the UXO soundtrack, and I’ve been meaning to put it up on the subdomain. Maybe I’ll work on that after releasing the last video in this set.