Exult Rotate Version 0.3 Released

Developer cma has released a new build of Exult Rotate, the Exult mod that rotates the field of view 45 degrees.

In this build, he has attempted to rectify issues with mouse/object alignment and object graphics:

Mouse alignment turn out to be a tough problem. Mouse positions are rotated for finding object in rotated world. I cannot make the mouse works well with all the objects on screen. objects close to the center of the screen seems to align better. I did some adjustments anyway, try this windows executable and see whether the alignment improved.

To rotate the object being dragged it need to be upscale first otherwise the graphics will look crappy. Unfortunately, dragged objects is painted on top of the gump (to support dragging object to character inventory) which does not upscale until all the non-rotate shape are all painted. This require quite a bit of code changes. I need to give it some more thought.

As usual, you can find the updated download at the project entry, or at the project discussion thread at the Exult forums.