The Ultima 1 Remake Is Now Ultima: Invasion of Mondain

I spoke with Red Dragon, the developer of the Ultima 1 remake project that was announced recently. He has informed me that the title of his project is actually: Ultima: Invasion of Mondain.

I have updated the project entry to reflect this.

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Cool to see an Ultimatum-based project for once. That and Ultima II are rare.

    We need an Invasion of the Completed Ultima Remake. Is there an index for that? Would be nice to see a short list of usable projects somewhere, preferably with installation instructions. Maybe an easily searchable tag linking to the project page?

  2. TehN00b says:

    Lets hope they keep working on this one. It would be cool to give it a try.

    Ultima 1: A Legend Is Reborn “demo” was so awesome too 🙁

    Btw does anyone know what happened to Shattered Moon? Their last post is from november/03/2011.
    Are they still working on it or is it in “stand by”?

    • red dragon says:

      hello,for fhe moment ,céation of charset ennemies,the game

    • red dragon says:

      hello,for the moment crèation a charset ennemies,the project respect the monsters of ultima 1 first age of the darkness,and the tapestry of age

    • Micro Magic says:

      I like the Ultima 7 graphics. I wouldn’t mind firing this baby up for a test drive.

      Aye, A Legend is Reborn, the game that started the remakes.

      I’ll never forget how fun tech demo 2.5 was. I explored just about every inch of that map. Yearned to see more.

      I specifically remember thinking how much fun it was in comparison to Morrowind. I wish EA had picked that game up at the time. Ce la vie.

  3. Sergorn says:

    I should point these are actually assets from the SNES version of Ultima VII 😛

    • red dragon says:

      hello sergorn,yes certain sprit are caught in the snes version,lord british,iolo,avatar,soldier,etc…

      • agentorangeguy says:

        Red Dragon, why aren’t you going to use the Exult engine and Exult studio? If you decide to.. please contact me. I did some stuff with the mockup program with exult to build the map, could save you loads of time. I can also help you figure out the usecode stuff with templates I’ve made. You’ve got an awesome idea there. Email address is agentorangeguy at yahoo dot com