Ultima 9: George Oldziey Conducting “Humanoids”

It slipped my mind, in all the confusion of reacting to GOG’s release of Ultima 9, that Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum had sent me a handful of videos pertaining to the game. Here’s the first of them, a video of composer George Oldziey conducting a sinister-sounding piece I believe is called Humanoids:


There are more videos I have queued up for upload and release…but given the news of earlier today, this one seemed the appropriate choice.

5 Responses

  1. Thepal says:

    That is strangely awesome. I can’t believe how cool that seems… seeing people actually playing the music I know from the game. I wouldn’t have expected that.

  2. Sslaxx says:

    Really nice to watch them perform this!

  3. iceblade says:

    Pity, I can’t correct this little bug. In game, the Humanoids theme is used for rats and spiders while the rats and spiders theme is used for Humanoids.

    Oh and there are the voice actors. Strange to finally see the people behind the voices only after this many years.

  4. Magnus says:

    Sadly from playing Ultima Online and Ultima IX so much, I absolutely hate this song. It is neat to see though, and seeing the voice actors for a moment is cool too.

  5. Zygon Dragon says:

    Song is pretty annoying and really crap voice acting. LOL!! Even though you turn off Avatar’s voice is seems to play back. LOL