The Origin Gallery: Ultima 9 Character Sketches

To celebrate the release of Ultima 9 on, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present ten (10) scanned pages of character and creature concept art from the original plot of Ultima 9. A lot of the characters appearing here will be familiar to long-time Ultima fans, but there is at least one new face to tantalize the imagination and foster speculation.

These drawings are principally the work of Denis Loubet, who should be known to most Ultima fans for the copious amount of artwork he produced for many different titles in the series. Scott Jones, who also designed the Ultima 9 game box, did the sketch of the dragon and the sketch of the ghosts.

As always, enjoy. Pull up the images. Pore over them. Print them and mark them up. Pick apart every little detail you can, and see what you find. This is Ultima history at its finest, and Aiera is indebted to Joe Garrity, Electronic Arts, BioWare Mythic, BanditLOAF and the team at the Wing Commander CIC, Bob White, Denis Loubet, Scott Jones, and everyone who worked at Origin for it.