The Dark Unknown: Animating Missile Weapons

Over on the Ultima Dragons Facebook group, Goldenflame Dragon has posted an update on the progress he is making in crafting The Dark Unknown, his Ultima 5-inspired “spiritual prequel” to Ultima 1:

Woot! I have animating missile weapons now! Though I haven’t managed to test my code for selecting which way arrows are facing because my default test character doesn’t have a high enough dexterity to equip a bow. 😛

Not putting it on the darkunknown website yet because to get to this point I had to break the rest of combat for the time being, but I’ve been kinda slacking on working on this lately because I haven’t been looking forward to dealing with it, and tonight I finally broke through and got the animation part working, so soon I’ll re-enable the rest of combat and then I’ll actually have to decide what to work on next.

Of course, seeing this update from him reminded me that I hadn’t yet put a project entry for The Dark Unknown onto the Inspired Works subdomain, an oversight I have remedied as of a few minutes ago. It’s great news indeed to hear that this promising-sounding web-based tiled RPG is still very much in development!