Larian Saturdays

There’s been a fair bit of Larian Studios-related news this week, actually, which is good to see.

Sven Vincke was interviewed by TotalBiscuit about Divinity: Original Sin, which of course continues to look and sound both awesome and promising. GameBanshee also posted a video interview about the game, and offered up some details about its co-op play as well.

Sven Vincke also blogged about Kickstarter, and as a sub-topic mused about something he thinks game journalists should do more often: advertising how gamers can purchase games directly from the developer, where the option to do so exists. He offers up some more numbers explaining how and why this means the developer gets more money from the transaction, and why that’s a good and needed thing for (especially) indie developers…but I don’t think there’s a need to quote him here, since you’re all probably clever enough to know what he’s on about already.

And then there’s Divinity: Dragon Commander, which SideQuesting aptly termed “gaming’s kitchen sink” in their recent preview of the game. GamerCast also published — quite belatedly! — an E3 interview with Sven Vincke about the game.

Oh, and Divine Divinity is now available on Steam. Why not celebrate by watching this gameplay trailer?