A New Update From The Savage Empire Remake

Scythifuge has been busy working on his remake of Ultima: The Savage Empire in Exult, with the following update:

Here is a Dev Diary of sorts!

It just occurred to me that some npc/pc sprites are going need offsets in order to properly hold objects such as weapons.

This is because some sprites are a few pixels larger than normal Ultima VII npcs. One example would be Nahuatla nobles wearing headdresses or the frill on the heads of the Sakkhra.

This will add substantial time to the project as each frame must be offset & tested with weapons & other holdable objects.

Many other objects need offsets as well. I am still studying why many Ultima VII sprites are offset though I theorize that it has to do with their size not being a multiple of 8×8 pixels & thus need to be offset in order to work properly in the game world.

Hopefully I can find someone to join the team who can work on object offsets.

Sycthifuge is still looking for help with his project, so drop him a message on the Ultima: The Savage Empire Facebook page if possible.

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  1. Sanctimonia Sanctimonia says:

    Welcome to my world with the offsets and such. And ugh, dead link.