The Serpent Isle Remake: Furnace, Part 1 (Update: Part 2!)

Thepal, in a short blog post, discusses his recent progress in getting the dungeon and city of Furnace rebuilt:

The cave half of Furnace is complete (well, the main structure of it at least). Just the city half left. It required hand-placing 1768 objects, which any world-builder will tell you would be fairly time-consuming. Even though it is only half done, Furnace is already too large for me to take a top-down screenshot — in Oblivion or the Construction Set — even with view distances as far as they go.

He has posted a handful of screenshots which, while obviously rather dark (as one might expect) nevertheless manage to show off some of his excellent work. It sounds like Thepal is doing well making up for lost time!

The First Age of Update: Thepal has posted another update concerning Furnace, announcing that the dungeon’s layout has been completed:

Furnace’s structure is now complete. I even put some of the detail into it, which has allowed for some slightly nicer screenshots. Total hand-placed objects: 4029. I think this is probably the largest single interior I’ve made yet. Next…Gorlab.

He has released three more screenshots, including two which show off the models for Dupre, Shamino, and Iolo. Naturally, I had to change the post header image to one of the new pictures, because they really are just that impressive.

4 Responses

  1. Thepal says:

    Little strange you posted about my previous post… I’m sure this wasn’t here when I posted my newer one.

    Anyway, Furnace is now complete. I added enough to the second half that I was able to take some nicer screenshots than I have been lately. I even took my Companions along.

  2. spiderbait says:

    Looks great Thepal, can’t wait to play it!

    Was just searching through youtube and got a good laugh out of the video you made.

    Poor Shamino lol