Zeph’s Ultima Textures (and Britannia Map) for Minecraft Updated

Zeph has a pair of updates that he wants you all to know about this week. The first is that he has made a minor update to his Ultima texture pack for Minecraft, in which he has added a couple of decorative blocks (including, notably, sandstone):



Zeph has also done some additional work on his map of Britannia for Minecraft, having added mountains (with some basic erosion refinements). Indeed, from the look of it, he’s making awesome progress:


Minoc and Covetous Overhead

Now, some of you might be thinking “gee, that looks pretty…big”…and you’d be entirely correct. Here’s the view of the bay, from Minoc:


The view from Minoc

And here’s Zeph’s explanation of the scale of what you’re seeing:

Some things I’m now aware of about the map. It’s bigger than I first realized. To get from the site of Britannia to a point you can even SEE the Serpent Spine mountains takes about half of an in-game day. The journey from Britannia to Minoc takes well over a day as the crow flies. I’d expect it to take several days while actually playing the game. There’s unfortunately not a lot else to take pictures of in there yet. The world is even without trees, but It’ll get there.

Methinks that complaints about how the Britannia continent feels “too small” or “compressed” will by no means apply to what Zeph is crafting!

Now, Zeph’s release has got me off of my butt and has inspired me to put together the first of the subdomains I will be creating to host and show off project downloads. To grab the latest download for this project, point your browsers to this project entry at the new Inspired Works subdomain.

This will be a good test of the new download manager as well; report back here with any issues you encounter!