In Which I Finally Get Around To Mentioning Delver (Updated!)

This project, inspired by Markus “Notch” Persson’s Prelude of the Chambered, aims to combine “combine the mechanics of games like Ultima Underworld with the depth and replayability of a roguelike.” Thus far, the game supports basic physics, melee combat, rough NPC pathfinding, moving between levels of a dungeon and loading levels from static files, saving and loading, character permadeath, and sports a basic inventory system. Interrupt plans on building character sheets next, incorporating ranged combat, adding support for randomly-generated dungeon levels, and is even toying around with the idea of adding an overworld.

I was first informed about it last week by Zephaniah Grey — and by others since then — but I haven’t found time to actually put up a post about it until now. I have also set up a project entry for Delver at the Inspired Works subdomain, at which can be found (for download) the most recent available JAR file for the game.

The First Age of Update: Delver is now available on Google Play!

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