Check Out This Nuvie Screenshot!

I tripped over this tantalizing little piece of something in the #nuvie IRC logs. Feast your eyes, Dragons and Dragonettes: Ultima 6 in glorious full-screen!

Here, minus the clipping.

As is explained in the discussion log, the gumps used here are all original artwork, and I would draw your attention to the backpack gump in particular. Note the implementation of a scrollable interface, which I would argue is a vast improvement over the tendency of backpacks in Ultima 7’s to become…cluttered. Yes, cluttered.

I’m told that the full-screen interface is available in the latest Nuvie snapshots, which for the time being (until I get the downloads sections rebuilt) I suggest you grab from the project website.

30 Responses

  1. Dagur Dragon says:

    Oh my…those are some beautiful pixels.

  2. Deckard says:

    Those really pop. Would love to see them on an iPad or a bright monitor.

  3. joe garrity says:

    Totally Awesome!

  4. sanctimonia sanctimonia says:

    Looks inviting. An inventory list is easier to browse (user) and maintain (dev), so it’s a win-win. Clutter mode has to save coordinates for each item in a container and do basic collision detection so things don’t overlap too much. Cool, but a lot of room for bugs.

    Love the soft lighting around the party, like it’s dawn or dusk. Attention to detail as exhibited by Nuvie is what makes games beautiful. Keystone project, with the likes of Back to Roots and Exult.

  5. Michael Howell says:

    It’s amazing how much of a difference seeing a little bit more of the world around you makes.. Can’t wait to try this out.

  6. Zygon_dragon says:

    Loverly. How do you change it to full screen? I’ve got the latest snapshot installed.


  7. Infinitron says:

    Ultima VII GUI in Ultima VI. Outstanding.

  8. Dungy says:

    I had been debating whether to post that since I had made a Nuvie post just a week ago. I guess I shouldn’t have hesitated. :P

  9. Duke says:

    Yes, so how do we actually try this with the latest snapshot? I couldn’t see anything obvious in the config…

  10. Sergorn says:

    Whoa, I gave it a try in the latest snapshot and it looks AWESOME :D

    It definitly gives a very UVII-ish feels, while still maintening the core of U6’s system.

    Obviously it’s not all implemented yet, but it’s gonna be a wonderful way to replay the game once it’s done.

    Keep it up Nuvie team, I can’t wait for the time we can play U6 (and the WoUs :O) with this new UI !

    @Zygon_Dragon – If you mean using the new GUI, you need the line


    Under in the Nuvie.cfg file.

    If you mean playing Nuvie in Full Screen, you can’t yet but they are working on it.

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      I’ve added the appropriate XML tags to Sergorn’s comment. As a rule, don’t try to use the > and < characters in a comment unless you know their HTML codes.

      Because otherwise, the site thinks you’re trying to do fancy stuff with HTML and will strip out the XML as an unacceptable (or non-processable) tag.

  11. Dungy says:

    I’m even more intrigued by this Nuvie screenshot. What could it mean?

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      An editor?

      Are you freakin’ kidding me?

      I WOULD NEVER STOP USING THIS! Not even in death. I’d come back as a ghost…zombie…banana slug…whatever. Resurrection. Reincarnation. Rising from the grave. I MUST HAS IT! My own. My Ultima 6. Myyyyy prrrrrrecioussssssssss.

  12. Sergorn says:

    Some form of construction kit perhaps ?

  13. Infinitron says:

    The question is, does this have U7’s mouse-based drag-and-drop controls? Or is there some command bar here we aren’t seeing?

  14. Sergorn says:

    Oh okay, I just understand you can REPLY to people in a threated fashion :P

  15. Andy_Panthro says:

    This looks incredible!

    Really loving the U7 style UI in particular.

  16. Eric says:

    Hi Guys,

    Here’s another pic of our in roof feature. (This is why I’m working on an in-game mapeditor)

    Also I should point out that all the great new graphics you have been seeing have been created by Daniel Würl. He’s doing a great job!


    • Dungy says:

      That’s beautiful to behold. I want I want! But how will you deal with buildings that have entrances on the north or west side?

      • Sergorn says:

        Perhaps it could be done by having the roof dissapear when you move along the northern wall ?

      • Dungy says:

        That would work, but would still be irritating, since you’d have to walk behind every building hoping that the entrance was hiding behind it somewhere.

        Ultima VII just stuck doors on the south and east of every building, but that would require massively overhauling Brittania to be applicable here.

      • Eric says:

        At the moment the roof tiles disappear when the player walks next to the wall. (because there is a 1 tile overhang around the building) But in the future I think we will have roof tiles that indicate that there is a door underneath. Maybe a slight arch.

    • Sergorn says:

      Wait… you are adding roofs to the game ?


      This is just gorgeous and the art blends so seamlessly with the rest it is awesome !

      • Eric says:

        Pretty neat, huh? ;-)
        Daniel has been drawing with the default U6 palette. I think that helps the new graphics blend in with the original tiles.

  17. Dungy says:

    Also, WTF, the ability to reply directly to comments makes for much easier to follow discussions. Well done.

  18. That…is….hot. Wow. I love the lighting around the Avatar. One of my favorite things is when modern gradients are applied to pixel art. I find the combination very beautiful.

  19. Sslaxx says:

    Much more interested in the lighting and shading in that screenshot – so very nice!

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