I’ll Be Traveling Today

Since I’ll be spending most of today in the air, as it were, there probably won’t be much in the way of other articles posted to the site. Though I’ll try and check comments from time to time, and will have access to email whilst in airports. Provided said airports offer free wifi. Or are in Canada.

Don’t know where I’m going
Gonna see the world, gonna be somebody
Don’t know where I’m going
I’m just steppin’ out
I’m steppin’ out
I’m steppin’ out.

I’ll try and bring you all back some pictures.

2 Responses

  1. theLameBrain says:

    Huh, BioWare Mythic is giving a sneak peak to some people, and you happen to be travelling over the weekend? I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I am REALLY looking forward to those pictures!

  2. Thepal says:

    Don’t be silly. His twitter account says he is in Virginia. And Bioware Mythic is way over in…