UO to U7 project art, Project Britannia update, new Exult 1.4 snapshot

A brief wander around the Ultima community yielded some fruit; there have been a few updates made to some of the projects out there. As well, I’ve updated a couple things about Aiera.

Concerning the site here, I’ve updated the links on the side to include a link to Dino’s Ultima Page’s Google Group, which is intended to be a sort of centralized discussion area for the Ultima community. I’m still toying with whether I want to go the route of starting a forum on Aiera again (and thus having to cope with the spam and moderation responsibilities again), so for the time being I encourage any visitors looking to chat to visit the Group page. Feel free to use it as Aiera’s discussion area for the time being, as I check it daily.

The UO to U7 Project

Razimus’ project to implement the complete Ultima 7 saga in the Ultima Online engine has released some preliminary artwork including a boat graphic, a moongate graphic, and the various currencies used in Serpent Isle.

Project Britannia

Project Britannia has released an updated version of one of the resource files needed for the project. This update makes a few minor changes to the Journal UI, fixes an issue with a small quantity of gold, and makes a few API changes as well. I’ve uploaded this to Project Britannia’s entry at Aiera.


Exult has released a thrice-updated snapshot of Exult 1.4 since last I checked. Among the fixes that have been done are a correction to palettes in Serpent Isle mods with custom mainship.flx files, added support for adding or changing MIDI music files, and the addition of a couple of scalers. I’ve uploaded this to the Exult entry at Aiera.

Ultima Iris

Iris has released Build 981 of Iris2 (Iris-Ogre), their next-generation 3D Ultima Online client. The Iris entry at Aiera has been updated accordingly.

The Complete Ultima 7

This was an old remake that was attempting to do what a couple of other remakes have taken on as their goal: present the entirety of Ultima 7 — The Black Gate and Serpent Isle — as one unified game (using the Dungeon Siege engine). It stopped development around 2000, and so has been added to the Cemetery*.

🙂 WtFD

* note the now-corrected spelling. Yes, I am occasionally afflicted with stupidity. If, O Reader, you had permalinked to the Cemetary on your own site, please update your links accordingly, as the old URL won’t work anymore.